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Guidance to Community Events for Wineries and Breweries


If your tasting room is open to the public, a permit or permit exemption is required to serve beer or wine.

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Do I need a Temporary Food Facility permit?

Please answer the questions below to determine whether your tasting room requires a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) permit to participate in a community event.

Question 1

Will any food* (except wine/beer) be sold, served, sampled, given away or otherwise provided at the event?

* Food is defined as any item including beverages (excepting wine/beer) that can be ingested, whether prepared on-site, prepackaged, bottled or canned.

Yes - Go on to Question 2

No - TFF permit NOT required

Question 2

Will the food be served off the premises, for example, on a public sidewalk/street in front of the tasting room?

Yes - TFF permit required

No - Go on to Question 3

Question 3

Does your winery have a current extensive or moderate preparation level food facility permit?

Yes - TFF permit NOT required

No - Go on to Question 4

Question 4

Does your winery have a current minimal preparation level food facility permit?

Yes - TFF permit may be required*

No - TFF permit required

*A TFF permit is required if the food provided at the event is at a preparation level higher than the current food facility permit. Please review the description of preparation levels:

Temporary Food Facility Definitions and Operating Requirements

Event Requirements

If food will be served outdoors, a tent or booth to provide overhead protection is required. Sides are required when active food preparation is conducted within.

If hiring a caterer, you must still abide by the permit requirements. The caterer must have a valid permit, verified by Sonoma County Environmental Health.