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Information Systems Department

Technical Services Division

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Technical Services

This division designs, builds, and supports the core technology infrastructure that helps County workers communicate with their clients and coworkers. Whether it’s phone and radio service for voice communications, data networks that connect supported computers and mobile devices, or the enterprise software applications used by all County employees, Technical Services makes it possible for all of these systems to work together to support your business needs.

Business Groups

IT Resiliency and Business Continuity Management

The IT Resiliency and Business Continuity Management (ITR-BCM) team is responsible for defining and coordinating activities to improve the resiliency and protection of vital IT infrastructure and data in order to reduce the likelihood of disruption, provide continuation of IT services as well as rapid restoration, and reduce the operational and financial impact of any disruption. This includes IT risk management, data protection, and service disruption prevention such as mitigation, recovery, and response of vital IT infrastructure, services, and data. The key elements of ISD’s ITR-BCM are: IT Resiliency – providing protective measures to the County’s technology infrastructure, business systems, and critical facilities needed to support the essential services and critical business operations; Cybersecurity - providing governance, risk, compliance,and incident management of cyber threats; and Disaster Recovery - providing therestoration or continuation of vital technology infrastructure, systems, and data following a natural or human-induced disaster or event.


Operations is tasked with the presenting, processing and protecting data for county departments and agencies. We administer the data center, manage the network, provide disaster recovery analysis and services, support network databases, and oversee mainframe processing.

Network Services

Network Services is responsible for server design and standards, system-level security audits, lab testing of new products, and core services such as DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory. In addition we manage the network infrastructure, including routers, switches, firewalls, network communication circuits, Internet access and security, intrusion detection, VPN, and wireless networking.

Desktop Support

This team of IT analysts supports the organization’s 3,500 desktop and laptop computers, hundreds of software applications and many printers and peripherals. Support means we install, configure, maintain security updates, upgrade, procure and manage licenses, diagnose and troubleshoot. These professionals spend much of their time visiting customers at their workstations.

Service Desk

The Service Desk is the single point of contact for resolving computing problems remotely, answering questions, and ultimately connecting you with the right IT expert so your needs are met as quickly as possible. You can reach the Service Desk by email or call (707) 565-2030.

Public Safety

The Public Safety Team is dedicated to providing systems, software and networking support to the Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies belonging to the Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium (SCPSC). We support the hardware, software, interfaces and databases that make up the Consortium’s 911 dispatch, mobile device, records management and crime analysis systems.


Communications provides telephone service to the entire County organization, excluding the SCWA and the Fairgrounds. Approximately 5,000 users make use of the phone, voice mail, speaker phones, cellular phones, paging systems, public address, and other systems that we provide for communication ease