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Map Information

Recorded maps are indexed pursuant to California law. They can be searched by name, book/page, recording document number, date or date range, and type of map. They are not indexed by Assessor Parcel Number (APN) or address.

The index of maps is available online at Official Public Record Copies. Map images are not available online unless purchased. Once a map is purchased, the document will be available to view and download. Check the Recorder fee schedule for current costs.

Maps from 1854 to the present are available.

Common Types of Recorded Maps

Assessment District Map To delineate the boundaries of a proposed or final assessment district
Official Map To delineate lots or blocks in a county / city for the purpose of sale or transfer
Record of Survey To delineate the survey of real property boundary lines
Subdivision Map / Parcel Map To delineate the division of real property

Other Types of Maps

The Assessor’s Office maintains Assessment Parcel Maps, which are for assessment purposes only. Click here to learn more about AP maps.

Corner Records (also called Corner Survey records) are held by the County Surveyor. Click here to learn more about Permit Sonoma and the County Surveyor.