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Climate Action and Resiliency

Climate Action and Resiliency Division


Landscape photo of oak trees over an open space.

Impacts from climate change are being felt in all corners of Sonoma County. With rising sea levels eroding our coasts, wildfires threatening our forests, and extreme drought and weather events impacting our rivers, streams and reservoirs, Sonoma County’s beautiful lands are at the frontline of the climate crisis. But, if protected and managed with a climate-forward approach, these landscapes can be primed to better adapt to the changing climate. Healthy lands can even provide protection from impending climate hazards to residents of Sonoma County.

The County of Sonoma’s Climate Action and Resiliency Division (CARD) recognizes the importance of natural and working landscapes. The division strives to help design and implement best practices for land management that can both mitigate the severity of climate change as well as adapt to the rapidly changing climate reality.