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Temporary staffing services are available to departments for specific job classifications. However, please plan ahead and use employment lists to hire extra-help employees for needs that exceed 90 work days. Human Resources can assist in identifying extra-help employment lists and verify that extra-help employees are eligible to be rehired.

Government Code 31000.4 restricts the use of temporary help firm employees to 90 days from any single peak load, temporary absence, or emergency other than a labor dispute. The Code provides no extension, waiver, or exception to the 90-day limit. The County has interpreted 90 days to mean 90 billable (working) days, irrespective of hours worked. Only employ temporary service workers for needs of 90 work days or less.

Temporary staffing placement is by department, please review each staffing agency’s Agreement and Bill Rates for available job classes, and contact the following vendors at your own discretion.

View the Temporary Staffing Services FAQ

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Important Considerations

When placing an order to fill a temporary assignment, be specific about the need, the skills required, and the length of the need. Verify the job class being used, the skill code (located on the billing rate sheet), and the bill rate, as well.

  • Ensure that work orders for temporary service workers accurately reflect the appropriate job class. If there is uncertainty, please work with Human Resources. Document that an order to fill a temporary assignment was placed including the basis of the request (i.e. medical leave for ___, sick leave coverage for ___, training relief for ___ etc.)

  • If the temporary agency refers an employee that has just completed a 90 day assignment in a Department, the Department can only rehire that person if the new assignment is a different job class. However, that worker can be hired by a different Department in the same job class as the assignment the worker just completed

  • The temporary agency will conduct a background check on any person(s) assigned to work at the County. Background checks are an additional charge

  • Ensure the temporary service firm is given the date, time, and location of the assignment and provide the name of the person to whom the temporary employee should report to

  • Ensure that employees are provided a suitable work place, appropriate health and safety information and equipment, and are properly supervised. Immediately notify the temporary firm in writing of any asserted claim of bodily injury or property damage involving their employees

  • Verify that time records submitted by the temporary agency reflect the correct job class and times worked

Contact your department’s Human Resources Recruitment and Classification Analyst regarding any question related to temporary service employment and contracts.

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