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Human Resources Department

Recruitment & Classification Division

Employment Lists

Human Resources Recruitment & Classification 750

Per Civil Service Rule 6, following completion of the HR selection process an employment list, ranked from highest to lowest score, is established which contains the names of all applicants who have received a passing score. A candidate’s placement and position on the list is referred to as their standing or rank. Typically, names of the top three to five standings or ranks are referred (sent to) the hiring department for interviews. Due to one or more candidates achieving the same final score, there can be ties in one or more of the standings or ranks. 

The employment list that is established from the completion of a recruitment is valid for a minimum of three months but can be extended to a maximum of two years. An employment list is abolished or superseded by lists that are established through subsequent recruitments. Individuals on abolished or superseded lists must reapply to the new recruitment in order to compete for placement on the new list. 

Where applicable, Veteran and Promotional points are added to a candidate’s final examination score following completion of the competitive selection process.

Contact your department’s Human Resources Recruitment and Classification Analyst regarding any question related to eligible lists.