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Transportation and Public Works is now Sonoma Public Infrastructure - Website updates coming soon!

About Pavement Preservation

"Pavement Preservation," also referred to as "Pavement Management" or "Preventive Maintenance," is a proactive approach to prolonging the life of a road, while also lowering the long-term cost of maintaining it.

The distinguishing characteristic of this strategy is that it often entails applying less expensive treatments to roads that are still in moderately good condition, rather than applying more costly treatments to roads in poor condition. By applying less expensive and less disruptive treatments before significant damage occurs, pavement preservation maximizes limited resources by avoiding the necessity for the more costly repairs.


  • Less expensive over the long-run
  • Improves roads on a system-wide basis
  • Sustained high-level ride quality
  • Less intrusion of time spent on road work when treatments are done


Treatment Types

Sonoma County's Pavement Preservation Program makes use of several specialized techniques in response to the type of degradation observed on the road's pavement. Different types of degradation need different treatment techniques.

See more about treatment types


Every year, the Board dedicates $11.5 million to paving roads. In 2015, the Board approved $10.7 million in additional one time funds, which are programmed for the 2017 Paving Program.

Determining Project Locations

The Department of Transportation & Public Works is responsible for maintaining about 1,380 miles of roads outside of cities in Sonoma County, which means that funding for road improvement must be spent with cost-effectiveness in mind.

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