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Exhaust Hood Fabricators


All Food Service Installations
(510) 410-3453

Bell Products, Inc.
(707) 255-1181

Galaxy Stainless
(925) 798-4500

Gemini Stainless
(510) 670-9090

Henry Mechanical
(707) 838-3311

Peterson Mechanical, Inc.
(707) 938-8481

RLA Sheet Metal
(707) 433-8217

Simpson Sheet Metal
(707) 576-1500

*The above companies are not endorsed by this department, and no one company is recommended over another. The companies are in no particular order as to ranking. This list is for informational purposes only, in order to assist the public in the plan check process. This list is a living document and is in no way construed to be complete or all-inclusive.