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Food Facility Operating Permit

You need a food facility operating permit when:

  • You are building a new food facility.
  • You are purchasing an existing food facility (change of ownership).
  • You are opening a food facility in a building that is not currently open, or has not operated as a food facility.

Avoid possible delays!

Contact your local building department for any building, construction, and fire system requirements when you begin the food facility operating permit application process. 

Change of Ownership

New owners must contact a food inspector to determine which permitting process they need to complete.

Start by Contacting a Food Inspector

Contact Environmental Health & Safety to talk with one of our food inspectors. Your inspector will:

  • Determine if your facility needs a site review. See fee schedule for current fees.
  • Make recommendations to help you develop your food facility plan, if needed.
  • Determine which permitting process you need to complete.

You may contact us by: 

    After you receive the inspector's feedback, you are ready to move on to the next step.  

    The Permitting Processes

    After discussing the various aspects of your food facility, the inspector will determine which permitting process you need to complete:

    • New Construction or Major Upgrades
      A plan review and construction inspection is needed before you submit your health permit application.
    • Minor Upgrades
      You must work with your inspector to identify and remedy the minor upgrades needed before you submit your health permit application.
    • No Upgrades Required
      No site review or plan review required; you may submit your health permit application.
    • Tasting Room Permit Exemption
      Your beer or wine tasting room may apply for a health permit exemption.
    • Not sure which permitting process you need to complete? Please contact your food inspector or our offices at 707-565-6565.