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Department of Health Services

Tobacco/Nicotine Prevention

Which Ordinance Applies?

Impact Sonoma

Is your business, multi-unit residence, or event located within the unincorporated area of Sonoma County? You can find out by using the District and Elected Official Lookup tool on the County of Sonoma Registrar of Voters website:

District and Elected Official Lookup

  1. Select your city from the "City Name" dropdown field, click "Continue."
  2. Select your street name from the "Street Name" dropdown field, enter your street number.
  3. Click "Find District."

In the search results "District" information, the sixth bullet listed will indicate whether the address you entered is in the "unincorporated area" or within a city limit.

  • If the address is in the "unincorporated area" - the new ordinance applies.
  • If you are within a city limit, you can learn more about smoking or tobacco retail regulations that apply to your business by visiting our State and Local Tobacco Regulations webpage.