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Pesticide Use Enforcement

Pesticide Use Enforcement

The function of this program is to oversee, monitor and evaluate the use, records, storage and sales of pesticides as required in the California Food and Agricultural Code, the California Code of Regulations and the Business and Professions Code. In carrying out these functions, the department protects the food, feed and fiber sources, the environment and people, including the public and agricultural workers.

A grower must obtain the proper permit or other document from this department before pesticides are applied for commercial or agricultural use. Some other users must also go through this or similar processes. One function of this program is recording data on agricultural pesticide use.

This information is obtained from the Pesticide Use Reports, submitted monthly by growers and/or other applicators. Other functions of this program include incident and illness investigations, as well as field and headquarter inspections. Department staff provide education to the community and growers in the safe pesticide application practices.

We provide and participate in classes for continuing education hours needed by pesticide applicators to keep their applicators license valid. This all provides protection to the consumer, worker, environment and user. This makes Sonoma County and California agricultural commodities among the safest in the world  

What is a pesticide(PDF)