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Reports - Hours by Labor Account

  1. To run a report for an individual timecard, click on the desired row to highlight the employee's timecard.
  2. To run a report for two or more timecards, choose the first timecard, then depress the Ctrl Key while selecting other timecards.
  3. To run a report for a block of timecards, select the first timecard of the block, then depress the Shift key. Then select the last timecard of the block. All timecards between will be highlighted.
  4. To run a report for all timecards, click the Select All Rows icon
  5. Select Reports from the Related Items pane.
  6. Click all for a list of all reports.
  7. Scroll down and select. the Hours by Labor Account (Excel) report.
  8. The Previously Selected Employees are the timecards you selected in the previous screen.
  9. Choose the Pay Period you desire by clicking on the down arrow and select from the list.
  10. For a range of dates, select Range of Dates from the drop down and use the calendar icons to enter dates.
  11. The report defaults to all pay codes.
    To run a report for select pay codes, move all Pay Codes to the Available window by clicking the double arrow. Highlight the pay codes you wish to report on, and click the right arrow to move them to the Selected window.
  12. Change the Output Format to Microsoft Excel Document (.xls) to generate an Excel report.
  13. Click Run Report
  14. Now choose the Refresh Status button.
  15. When Status is Complete, click View Report.
  16. The report will be found at the lower left of your monitor. Click to open.
  17. The report will open in Excel.