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Secured Property Taxes

Secured property is established as real estate or real property which includes the possession of land and its improvements. This also includes any mine, minerals and quarries in the land and all standing timber. The value placed on this real property by the Assessor's Office is taxed at 1% ad-valorem plus voter approved bonds and assessments. 

Secured Property Taxes are collected by the county, even though they are governed by California State Law. The Tax Collector of Sonoma County collects taxes on behalf of the County, the County's 9 incorporated cities, over 40 school districts, and all other taxing agencies located in the County, including over 70 special districts (e.g., flood control districts, sanitation districts). Upon collection of these taxes by the County, appropriate distribution is made to the various taxing agencies.

Additional information on Secured Property Taxes is printed on the back of your tax bill. Please follow the link below to review the information.

Important Information for Taxpayers- Secrured Property Tax Bill Back

Información Importante Para Los Contribuyentes- Reverso de la factura del impuesto a la propiedad

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Ownership Changes Backlog

Due to an extraordinary number of ownership changes, the Sonoma County Assessor’s Office is experiencing a significant backlog processing these changes. If you received a tax bill for a property you no longer own, please write “sold” on the bill and return it to our office. Should you need additional assistance please reach out to our office at (707) 565-2281 or