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Board of Supervisors Department

Lower Russian River Municipal Advisory Council

Responsibilities & Review

The County of Sonoma is responsible for reviewing this policy no less than every 10 years to determine whether it is still representative of the Lower Russian River area and still an effective review board for the County.

Changes may be made by a majority vote on the Board of Supervisors.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will review this policy from time to time, as it deems necessary.

Council Structure

Administrative Roles

Section 1. The River MAC shall have a Chair and a Vice Chair.

The District Supervisor shall appoint the first Chair and Vice Chair. After that, the MAC will elect the Chair and Vice Chair annually. The Chair and Vice Chair will serve for one (1) calendar years, or until replaced by the District Supervisor.

Section 2. Chair.

The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the River MAC and call for special meetings. The Chair shall carry out the duties listed in the Sonoma County Municipal Advisory Council Policies and Procedures. Chair responsibilities include:

  1. Preside over regular meetings;
  2. Call for and preside over special meetings;
  3. Set meeting agenda and coordinate preparation and posting of agenda with administrative support;
  4. Appoint members to MAC committees;
  5. Serve as liaison between the MAC.

Section 3. Vice Chair

In the Chair's absence, the Vice Chair shall assume the Chair's responsibilities. The Vice Chair shall carry out the duties listed in the Sonoma County Municipal Advisory Council Policies and Procedures. Vice Chair responsibilities include:

  1. In the event of Chair's absence, assume Chair's responsibilities;
  2. Research agenda items and report back to MAC on an as-needed basis;
  3. Maintain record of useful government contacts.

Section 4. MAC Secretary

The District Supervisor should determine how to fill the role of MAC Secretary. Secretary responsibilities include:

  1. Prepare, post and distribute meeting agendas and meeting materials pursuant to the Brown Act;
  2. Arrange attendance at MAC meetings;
  3. Attend all MAC meetings;
  4. Take MAC meeting minutes;
  5. Distribute and maintain record of meeting minutes;
  6. Prepare and transmit MAC reports to the District Supervisor, the Board, or other government agencies;
  7. Prepare responses to public comments and inquiries;
  8. Prepare responses to requests from MAC members;
  9. Maintain records of MAC agendas, minutes, meeting materials, records of action, annual reports, MAC member training certifications, and communications from at least the prior two years;
  10. Provide copies of formal MAC communications to the District Supervisor; and
  11. Manage the MAC budget

Committees and Subcommittees

Section 1. The River MAC may establish single-purpose committees or subcommittees, consisting of less than a quorum of MAC members, on an as-needed basis by a quorum vote. All committees and subcommittees shall have a life of one year, with the possibility of extension by the MAC after review. All committees and subcommittees shall comply with the Brown Act.