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Canyon Rock Use Permit, Zoning Change, and Reclamation Plan Amendment Application

We have heard from a number of concerned community members and we are tracking this issue.  John Mack, Natural Resources Manager at Permit Sonoma, clarified that a Use Permit, Zoning Change, and Reclamation Plan Amendment application was submitted by Canyon Rock last year. Permit Sonoma was made aware through one of Canyon Rock’s consultants that Canyon Rock would be doing some community outreach on their own the week of April 24.  This is not a County sponsored or led public meeting and is not part of any permit or CEQA process.

A brief summary of the project status is:

  • Application filed late last year
  • EIR required for project
  • Notice of Preparation for EIR published 8/7/23
  • Public Scoping Meeting was held virtually (see NOP for EIR document linked above for details) on Monday 8/21 at 6 PM via Zoom.
  • Written comments on the scope of the DSEIR will be accepted until 5 PM on 9/21/23 via email to or Regular Mail: Attn: Robert Aguero, 2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
  • For more information, including the recording from the 9/21 scoping meeting, see the Permit Sonoma project page here

There are several steps before it will go to the Planning Commission, and there will be opportunities for community feedback in a formal setting.  Permit Sonoma has published the Notice of Preparation for EIR and Public Scoping Meeting and staff on our team will make sure to look carefully to ensure that everything needed for study is included.  

Our office may not take public positions on such a project, as it can affect our ability to objectively review the project when it reaches the BOS for official action.  We want to be sure Supervisor Hopkins isn’t conflicted out, which would happen potentially if she speaks out for or against the project at this time. That doesn’t mean we won’t follow closely though, and we are also appreciating the community correspondence and everyone tracking this. 

For further information, Robert Aguero, the reviewer assigned to this project, is available to answer questions.  

Robert Aguero, RPF #3062
Senior Environmental Specialist
County of Sonoma 
2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Direct:  707-565-3718 | Office:  707-565-1900

Vacation Rentals

Elderberry Commons 

The County of Sonoma hosted a town hall meeting on Monday, May 1 at 6 p.m. to respond to community questions about the transition plan for the Elderberry Commons, formerly known as the Sebastopol Inn. The public was invited to ask questions during the Zoom-based forum, which was streamed live and recorded to the county’s Facebook page and on YouTube in Spanish

Elderberry Commons is transitioning to a permanent supportive housing complex, which requires converting 28 individual shelter units plus two rooms used by staff. All 28 shelter units need to be vacated while rooms are converted to permanent supportive housing and they will reopen when construction is complete. This conversion was anticipated and required as a condition of the grant funding award through Project Homekey, a program by the state of California that provides local government agencies with funds to purchase and rehabilitate housing.