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Client Success Story: Patricia perseveres

Patricia, a 43-year-old single mother and her teenage son lived in her car for more than year.  Although this single mother had mental and physical health challenges, she was adamant that her son kept up with his education. She adhered to the ACCESS program meeting goals even when she felt like giving up. Throughout this time, high needs homeless staff continued to support her participation in the program encouraging when she struggled. Despite her personal challenges Patricia was determined to continue working the high needs homeless program and raise her son, ultimately achieving success not only for herself but her family too. Patricia is now living in supportive permanent housing after experiencing homelessness for over a year. She continues to work on her mental and physical health to further increase her self-sufficiency.

Client Success Story: Jonathan goes from jail cell to culinary dreams

Jonathan was a 45-year-old homeless man with a criminal history, substance abuse issues, and a Bipolar diagnosis. He found the fortitude to really turn his life around after leaving the Sonoma County Jail.  He was in the Well Path program and then referred to Whole Person Care.  His case manager accompanied him from the jail to probation and then to Interfaith Shelter Network (IFSN).  In a short amount of time he managed to acquire a therapist and get his own studio apartment.  Presently he is waiting to start the SRJC Culinary program. He would also like to become a peer advocate when the Wellness program returns.

Client Success Story: It took a “Village”, but Martina is giving back and keeping our community safe

Martina was an individual receiving services on the Joe Rodota Trail.  She went to stay at Los Guilicos Village and then moved into Buckelew housing.  After being homeless for over 10 years, she has overcome many barriers to achieve success.  Currently she holds a full time job working in the security industry. She is sober and doing individual recovery work with a sponsor. She has been extremely grateful for all she received and opportunities given.  

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.