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County Administrator's Office

Sonoma County Cannabis Program


Sonoma County Cannabis Program 750

Note: Dispensary delivery operations must be connected to a brick and mortar dispensary.

Limit on Number of Dispensaries

The County has been issuing land use permits for dispensaries since 2007. No more than 9 cannabis dispensaries can be permitted within the unincorporated county at any one time. There are currently 8 permitted dispensaries and 1 application that has been deemed complete. At this time, the County is not accepting new dispensary applications. 

Required Permits and Inspections

Cannabis Land Use Permit

Cannabis dispensaries are allowed in the urban commercial zones (C1, C2, and LC) and will require a use permit from Permit Sonoma.

A use permit is a discretionary permit and each application is reviewed and conditioned on a case-by-case basis. Each permit is subject to public notification and environmental review.

Application: Cannabis Supply Chain Business Use Permit Application PJR-124

Building, Well and Septic Permits

As applicable, from Permit Sonoma

Trip Generation Form

As applicable, from Permit Sonoma

Fire Review and Inspection

Fire and Emergency Services will review all manufacturing permit applications and be responsible for inspecting and monitoring for compliance.

Cannabis Health Permit

Dispensaries will require a permit from the Department of Health Services. 

See Permit for Cannabis Dispensary

Business or Operator Requirements

The following is true for all cannabis permits:

  1. Operators and employees must be at least 21 years of age
  2. Operators shall be subject to background searches
  3. Local hiring preference for business
  4. Compliance with occupational safety requirements (Cal/OSHA, wage and hour laws, etc)

Ongoing - Operational Requirements

  1. Annual permit requirement
  2. Annual inspections required

Note: Dispensary delivery operations must be connected to a brick and mortar dispensary.