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Sonoma County Cannabis Program

Personal Use and Cultivation

Sonoma County Cannabis Program

What's on this Page

Personal Cultivation: Personal Use:
  • Who?
  • How Much?
  • Where?
  • How?
  • County Ordinance
  • Who can use Cannabis?
  • Who can sell Cannabis?
  • Where is Cannabis Use Allowed?
  • Where and How is Cannabis Use Limited or Prohibited?

Personal Cultivation


 Medical: Any patient or caregiver with a recommendation for medical cannabis. The cannabis cannot be sold or distributed.
 Non-Medical: Any adult over the age of 21 years old. The cannabis cannot be sold.

How Much?

 Medical: Up to 100 square feet grow area per residence. There is no limit on the number of plants grown for medical use, as long as the total canopy area does not exceed 100 square feet.
 Non-Medical: No more than 6 plants.


Personal cultivation must take place at the person's, patient’s or caregiver’s full-time residence.

  • Plants cannot be located in the front or side yard setback areas and cannot be visible from public streets or walkways.
  • Outdoor growing is not allowed in multi-family units or in the medium and high density residential zones (R2 and R3).
 Indoor and Mixed-Light:
  • Indoor grows must be in an accessory structure, like a greenhouse or garage. Growing inside a residential structure is not allowed, unless there is no feasible alternative.
  • Structures cannot be in the front and side yard setback areas and must comply with setback requirements.
  • Greenhouses must be screened from public streets or walkways, and there should not be exterior evidence of cultivation.


  • Permits are not required for personal cultivation
    • Cultivation for medical use requires…
  • All structures to be legally built with all applicable permits (e.g. Building, Grading, Well & Septic).
  • Limited access with locking doors or gates.
  • Structures equipped with odor control filtration and ventilation systems.
  • Lights to be shielded and confined to the inside of the structure.
  • Generators are not allowed.
  • Compliance with the Agriculture, Weights and & Measures Best Management Practices for cannabis cultivation.

County Ordinance