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Commission on Human Rights

Sarah Kerlow

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Sarah wearing glasses and scar smiling at the camera

Sarah holds a masters in human rights education, and is currently finishing her doctorate of human rights education at University of San Francisco. She is involved in both local and international research and advocacy efforts regarding domestic violence and child abuse; specifically with California Protective Parenting Association, Mama Bear Collective, Family Violence Appellate Project, and The Women’s Coalition. She terms herself a “single mother-DV survivor-activist-scholar.” She has been, and continues to be, inspired and humbled by those ordinarily extraordinary women in her life; namely survivor warrior mamas who work tirelessly to protect, honor, and nurture their children. Her deep belief is that in order to address the myriad human rights violations taking place against women and children in the greater society, we must create, support, and embrace survivor-led initiatives, organizations, legislation, and collective healing endeavors. Her greatest joy and accomplishment is mothering her five incredible children.