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Trevor Merrell

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Trevor Merrell in suite staring at the cameraTrevor Merrell was born and raised in Sonoma County, a single mom’s youngest of four children. Having lived through the effects of poverty and injustice firsthand, Trevor is guided by a desire to serve the needs of people whose families have struggled like his own. A troubled child and teenager, Trevor graduated from Windsor High School in 2018 with very little hope for his future. Determined to overcome his previous struggles and find purpose, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and left Sonoma County in November of the same year. He served until 2022, when he retired from the military and returned to his home in Larkfield. Today, he is a full-time student working to become a Registered Nurse. Trevor also serves on the Central Committee of the Sonoma County Democratic Party, where he remains a vocal advocate for families and marginalized communities.

His approach is driven by results, opting to focus on tangible change and bettering the lives of people in ways they can feel in daily life. The military is a diverse and rigorous environment that demands an ability to work with a great variety of people. Given that experience, Trevor values building consensus and connecting with others to solve problems. He is a passionate advocate for the rights and empowerment of people presently and historically disadvantaged in American society. As Vice President of Wine Country Young Democrats, Trevor emphasizes that the inclusion of young people in our public and political processes leads to positive, transformative change. The protection of LGBTQ+ people, folks living with disabilities, and those struggling with mental health/substance use are a focal point of his advocacy. Trevor views our best investments as holistic ones, beginning in childhood and continuing throughout life. He believes that building safe, healthy communities uplifts everyone and contributes to a society of compassionate human beings.


When he’s not working or studying, Trevor loves playing and listening to music. He also enjoys hiking, swimming, and going on adventures with his dog Buddy. His personal passions include science, trauma-informed research, and the study of history.