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Human Resources Department

Commission on Human Rights

CHR Visibility Project

This survey is being conducted by the County of Sonoma Commission on Human Rights (“the Commission”). The purpose of this survey is to allow the Commission and our collaborative partners to gather information around human rights incidents and issues in Sonoma County. Based on information obtained through this survey, we may be able to recommend changes to current methods of handling these incidents and identify areas of need within the county.

You are invited to participate in this survey; your participation is valuable to us, but entirely voluntary. To help protect your confidentiality, the survey does not contain information that will personally identify you such as your name, email address or IP address. Therefore, we will not be able to respond to submission. We will not share information with third parties and will take every possible measure to protect the confidentiality of your responses. Please report each incident separately and provide as much information as possible. You may report as often as needed.

Please visit to submit your responses.

Member: Commissioners Cruz Reyes and Lemarquand