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Human Resources Department

Liability & Insurance

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Roles & Responsibilities

Each Department or Entity has primary responsibility for obtaining and tracking insurance requirements for its contracts.


Contract Insurance Checklist

It is the Contract Manager's responsibility to review insurance documentation and determine if it satisfies the County's insurance requirements. The checklist will assist you in verifying that all of the requirements have been met.


Get Help from Risk Management

Links to helpful resources, tools, and instructions for emailing Risk Management.


Bonds Explained

Almost all of the County's construction work is done by private-sector contractors who must provide two bonds to guarantee their work; a performance bond and a labor and materials bond.


Professional Liability Explained

What is Professional Liability and when is it required?


Legal Names on Endorsements

Insurance templates are used by multiple Departments and Agencies. It is important that the correct legal entity be shown on any additional insured endorsement that is required.


Sample Forms

Examples and explanations of common forms used in conjunction with insurance requirements on contracts.


Contract Insurance Requirements - Reference Guide

A reference guide that explores insurance concepts and terminology, different insurance policies and coverages, and exclusions.