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Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid

Photo of Person Delivering CPR Chest Compressions

Medical emergencies can happen in the workplace. Typically, these are minor injuries such as cuts, abrasions, eye fatigue, or the occasional burn. Most of these incidents can be treated with a visit to the First Aid Cabinet. However, there is always a chance a more serious injury or life-threatening medical emergency can happen. Risk of serious work-related injury can depend on the job function. In an office environment, first aid response can be incorporated into the Emergency Action Plan (EAP); on a construction site, a separate written plan for providing emergency services is required.

There are several Cal-OSHA standards that address response to a medical emergency. Cal-OSHA requires that responders receive a level of training that is directly related to the hazards they may encounter. In an office environment, a course for volunteers may be sufficient. These courses are widely available and teach CPR and AED operation as well as basic First Aid. Where the risk of injury is greater, such as on construction sites, regulations are more prescriptive. Other situations may require responders to be trained also in other standards such as Confined Space, Electrical, or Heat Illness Prevention.

Cal-OSHA regulations establish minimum requirements for First Aid Kits. Contents of a First Aid Kit on a construction site are actually written into the standard. General Industry standards do not specify contents, but there is an ANSI standard that OSHA ratifies.

It’s worth remembering that many injuries are preventable by wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

To get more information on the applicability of this program for a specific County operation please contact the corresponding departmental Safety Coordinator.

For further information on specific regulatory guidelines please refer to the link(s) below.

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