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Human Resources Department

Occupational Safety & Health Unit

Safety Council

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The Sonoma County Health and Safety Council (SCHSC) will promote an active interest and participation in health, safety and loss prevention by all departments, managers, supervisors, and employees to insure that accidents, incidents, injuries and job related illnesses are reduced or eliminated whenever possible.

The SCHSC will meet bi-monthly.  Additional meetings or sessions may be scheduled for training, special events, or as necessary. 

Members of the SCHSC will participate, contribute and take part in all SCHSC proceedings and activities.  Membership in the council will consist of:

  1. All Sonoma County Departments and Agencies.  All Safety Coordinators representing individual division, location, or specific programs as determined by the respective department management.
  2. Representatives from all recognized County of Sonoma employee organizations 

Designated alternates may be appointed by regular participants to assure representation and dissemination of information.

The Sonoma County Health and Safety Council is responsible to:

  • Review and discuss the current status of health and safety efforts by the County, individual departments and agencies.
  • Provide information and resources for participants to enhance and promote health and safety.
  • Evaluate and discuss health and safety issues of common interest to the SCHSC participants.
  • When appropriate, to make recommendations to the Sonoma County Management Advisory Council (MAC) for review and action on health and safety policy issues.

The Risk Management Division Safety Unit is responsible for coordination of all SCHSC activities and to ensure all information regarding SCHSC meetings and health and safety communication is disseminated timely to all SCHSC members.