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Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport

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Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport (STS) Partners with ‘The Good Traveler’ to Offer Carbon Offsets

National Program Is Making Air Travel More Sustainable

Santa Rosa, CA | September 02, 2021

The Sonoma County Airport (STS) proudly announces today our partnership with The Good Traveler; a first-of-its kind carbon offset program that allows passengers to reduce the carbon footprint of their travels. The Good Traveler is managed by Jet-Set Offset, an aviation-focused startup with a mission to decarbonize travel. Jet-Set Offset's technology tools make it easy for individuals and businesses to reduce, track, and mitigate their travel-based carbon emissions.

As the newest member of The Good Traveler program, we're excited to provide an option for passengers to offset their carbon emissions when traveling through STS," said Airport Manager, Jon Stout. "Thanks to The Good Traveler, we have a new easy-to-use tool that can help reduce the footprint of the Airport’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

According to The Good Traveler, STS will stand with nearly 20 industry-related partners, including Alaska Airlines, that, to date, have collectively contributed to the reduction of more than 86,000 metric tons of carbon, the equivalent of neutralizing over 554 million passenger flight miles. Other California-based airport members include Los Angeles World Airports (LAX, VNY), Long Beach Airport (LGB), San Diego International Airport (SAN), and San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

“It’s critical that we take seriously our responsibility to offset carbon emissions from air travel,” said Board of Supervisors Chair, Lynda Hopkins. “Our partnership with The Good Traveler is a step in the right direction.”

To offset the carbon emissions from their flights, travelers can visit, enter the origin and destination cities of their flights, and purchase offsets. Some of these projects involve growing living things to capture carbon, while others use various strategies and technologies to prevent greenhouse gases from escaping in the first place. By doing things like producing clean wind energy instead of coal-fired energy or capturing the methane from landfills, we can help reduce our collective carbon footprints.

“We’re thrilled that Sonoma County Airport is joining The Good Traveler as an invested partner in supporting carbon offset projects in reforestation, conservation, renewable energy, carbon capture, and more,” said Co-founder and CEO of Jet-Set Offset, Anna Ford. “In championing a more sustainable aviation future for their passengers, they’re ensuring that every traveler has the opportunity to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and support local communities when they fly.”

“With the forecasted growth in aviation worldwide over the next 20 years, the challenge of reducing greenhouse emissions produced by the industry will require a variety of solutions,” said Jane Elias, Division Manager Energy and Sustainability Division of the County of Sonoma’s General Services Department. “The Sonoma County Airport and The Good Traveler partnership offers a simple solution for passengers who care about the environment, recognize their part in the climate crisis, and want to take action to mitigate their impact.”


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