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Community Development Commission

OBAG2 - Rehabilitation of Various Roads (C14050)

TPW Roads 750

Project Description

The scope of the proposed construction work will include conform grinding, removal and replacement of failed asphalt in localized areas (digouts), striping removal, installation of thermoplastic striping, installation of bicycle signage, shoulder backing, guard rail improvements, signal loop replacement and associated electrical work, ADA upgrades for curb ramps, utility cover adjustments and traffic control. Following the repair of the existing asphalt pavement, the entire roadway (edge of pavement to edge of pavement) will be paved with a layer of asphalt concrete.

See project location map (PDF).

Award Status Project C14050

Bid Opening Date: 1/12/2021

Bid ResultsPosted Project Bid Results
Bid TabulationPosted Bid Tab - C14050
Notice of Intent to AwardPosted NOI - C14050
Submitted Bid Books (ranked)Posted  
  1 Argonaut Constructors
  2Team Ghilotti Inc.
  3Ghilotti Construction Company
  4Ghilotti Bros. Inc.
  5Granite Construction Company
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