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Roads Division

Transportation and Public Works is now Sonoma Public Infrastructure - Website updates coming soon!

What We Do

Pavement Preservation

Sonoma County's Pavement Preservation Program is an ongoing effort to improve the quality of Sonoma County county roads by administering large-scale pavement treatment projects. TPW uses a long-term, network-level management approach designed to utilize limited funding as efficiently as possible.

Road Maintenance

Sonoma County Road Maintenance crews work every day to keep roads safe and passable. Maintenance of the Sonoma County road system entails a vast array of work, including repair of damaged pavement, cleaning and repair of road signs, removal of roadside vegetation, repair of slip outs and landslides, as well as responding to public requests.

Bridge Retrofits

Engineering, construction, and maintenance of bridges on County roads is administered by the Roads Division of the Department of Transportation & Public Works.

Traffic Engineering

Engineering, construction, and maintenance of street lights, signs, traffic signals, pavement markings, and other devices used to regulate traffic and reduce danger on the road.

2020-21 Pavement Preservation Program

On May 21, 2019, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved the 2020-21 Pavement Preservation Program, kicking off construction on 51 miles of roads over this year and 2021.

  • See maps for planned and completed paving work in each District.

Project Information
by Supervisor District

Long-Term Road Plan

In fall 2014, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Long-Term Road Plan, laying a path for improving roads that are most traveled and vital to local communities, economic development, agriculture, recreation and tourism.

The Board has identified a funding plan that would allow us to reach our initial goal of improving over half of our roads in the County - 850 miles.