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Mile Totals

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Centerline Miles

Total Centerline Miles: 1,368.75

Centerline mile totals account for the total road length, not accounting for roadway width or number of lanes.

By Supervisorial District:

  • District 1:259.48
  • District 2:230.55
  • District 3:18.05
  • District 4:336.63
  • District 5:524.03

By Functional Class:

  • Other Principal Arterial:1.30
  • Minor Arterial:34.62
  • Major Collector:316.18
  • Minor Collector:114.78
  • Local:901.87

(Last Updated: April 13, 2020)

Lane Miles

Total Lane Miles: 2,747.28

  • Lane miles indicate the total length of roadway taking number of lanes into account. For example, a 1-mile road with 2 lanes (one for each travel direction) is considered 2 lane miles.
  • Note that any section of road allowing travel in both directions is considered two (2) lanes, regardless of its width. A road section with two (2) lanes of travel in each direction is considered four (4) lanes.

(Last Updated: April 13, 2020)