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Sonoma Public Infrastructure (formerly TPW)

Road Projects

Transportation and Public Works is now Sonoma Public Infrastructure - Website updates coming soon!


The Department of Transportation & Public Works (TPW) administers road construction and other infrastructure improvement projects.

More Information

Bidding on Projects

For capital projects, bidders need to follow bidding instructions carefully and be sure make all submissions prior to the project's submission deadline.

The County opens all Bids (envelopes or electronic) promptly following the submission deadline and initially evaluates them for responsiveness, and to determine an Apparent Low Bidder. The Sonoma County Director of Transportation & Public Works then reviews the bids and refer them to the Board of Supervisors to consider awarding the project. The review process is complete within 60 days of the bid opening.

Online Bidding

Bidders can obtain Bidding Documents at no charge by registering at Sonoma County's Supplier Portal, the County's online procurement system: 

Register or Log in to Sonoma County's Supplier Portal

Hand Delivered Bids

Although online submission is preferred, Sonoma County will continue to accept hand delivered or mailed Bids.

Pavement Preservation

Projects for the current and future years are shown below. Project locations are preliminary and may be subject to change. See list of roads

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Purple Line Paving, Future Future Road Paving Projects (subject to change)
Blue Line Paving, This Year Roads being paved this year
Black Line Past Paving Road Paving Projects completed last year