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Department of Health Services

Homelessness Services Boards, Commissions and Committees



CoC Competition Evaluation Workgroup

CoC Competition Evaluation Workgroup


Coordinated Entry Advisory Committee

This committee ensures Sonoma County Homeless Coalition is compliant with federal and state requirements, and that a countywide Coordinated Entry System (CES) is in place that is effective and responsive to real-time community needs.


Funding and Evaluation Committee

This committee is responsible for the oversight of funding and evaluation of projects for the Sonoma County Homeless Coalition.


Governance Charter Policy Review Committee

This group is responsible for making recommendations to the Homeless Coalition Board for any revisions or updates to the Sonoma County Homeless Coalition Governance Charter, bylaws, and policies.


HMIS Data Committee

Staffed by the HMIS Lead Agency, this group is responsible for advising the Sonoma County Homeless Coalition Board on issues regarding Sonoma County’s web-based Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), developing and maintaining the dashboard of metrics to achieve the vision of zero functional homelessness, and alerting the Homeless Coalition Board of providers whose data jeopardizes the overall system. 


Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee will meet as needed relative to the oversight of periodic strategic planning activities of the Homeless Coalition. The Strategic Planning Committee will promote planning activities that contribute to effective system design, oversight, and operations associated with achieving Homeless Coalition system performance objectives.


Work Groups

While not required of the Brown Act, some work group/ ad hoc committee meeting information may be available to the public as requested by the Homeless Coalition Board.