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Human Services Department

Adult and Aging Division

Online Resource Directory

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Simple Intro Heading Here (Get the care you need, Get help finding a job)

Remember that each page needs 2 things (1) basic information and (2) action items.

Heading help introduce a new topic and should be approachable and not the proram name. No more than 2 sentences introducing the page's content. Avoid multiple paragraphs without a header between. 

Action Items for User (Check if You're Eligible, Apply Here, How to Apply, etc.)

Keep it short and to the point

  • bullet points
  • are a good way to convey options
  • and information to clients
  • and help visually break up content

Each sentense should be no longer than 13 words.

Need help with your application?

Headings in the form of a question help clients navigate to the content they need.

The average American reads at a 7th grade reading level. Non-native English speakers read at a 5th grade level. Make sure to avoid industry lingo and tone down language so clients can understand. Avoid words with 3 or more syllables.