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Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach

For Immediate Release

Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach Fully Operational

IOLERO webpage hosts information about department, provides link to complaint forms, and invites public to join IOLERO Community Advisory Board

Santa Rosa,CA | July 26, 2016

The recently established Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review & Outreach (IOLERO) has announced it is now fully operational, and is launching a robust department website dedicated to providing open information to the community. The site hosts resources such as complaint forms for allegations of misconduct by the Sherriff’s Department or their staff, applications for the IOLERO Community Advisory Board, and describes the office’s community outreach initiatives. 

"We are so happy to announce that our office is open for business and now fully operational. The launch of the IOLERO website is an important step in bringing independent and transparent review of law enforcement to Sonoma County. Equally important are the opportunities for community members to help review and make recommendations on Sherriff’s Office policies. I encourage county residents to become involved to provide representation for the various communities in Sonoma County, and help create a meaningful dialogue with law enforcement," said Jerry Threet, Director of IOLERO.

IOLERO and the Sheriff’s Office have reached agreement on a set of protocols that allow IOLERO access to peace officer personnel files, review of misconduct investigations while they are in progress, and access to data on law enforcement stops. These landmark agreements are reflected in the information provided on the website.

One of IOLERO’s outreach initiatives is the creation of a Community Advisory Board (CAB), intended to assist IOLERO in functioning as a bridge between the many communities of Sonoma County and law enforcement, especially the Sherriff’s Office. One key function of the CAB will be to hold public hearings and to make recommendations on Sheriff’s Office policies, including, but not limited to, use of deadly force, community orientated policing, and other significant policies.

IOLERO is currently accepting applications for the CAB, and they can be downloaded in English and Spanish on the IOLERO website at: In addition, physical copies can be picked up at IOLERO’s office (2300-A County Center, Suite A-211, Santa Rosa, CA). The IOLERO can be reached at (707) 565-1534 or

Director Threet will present IOLERO’s First Year Work Plan to the Board of Supervisors on August 9th, 2016. This presentation will be streamed live via the Board website at: