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Probation Department

Research Briefs

These one-page topical overviews of what works in the Probation field are designed to be interesting and helpful to people working in the Probation field, and to provide connections to further research/information about the topic. 

Pretrial Annual Report 2018

September 2019

A summary of the 2018 Pretrial Annual Report that provides a program overview, and presents program data on the pretrial screening process, release decisions, and program outcomes of the Sonoma County's Pretrial Services program. (PDF: 641 kB)

Sonoma County AB 109 Evaluation - Recidivism Analysis 2019

June 2019

This is a summary of a report that builds upon findings from RDA’s 2018 recidivism analysis and presents recidivism findings for a wider range of individuals and measures over a longer period of time.. (PDF: 647 kB)

Sonoma County AB 109 Day Reporting Center Outcome Evaluation

April 2019

This is a summary of findings from the evaluation of Probation’s Day Reporting Center (DRC) for participants receiving services between January 2015 and September 2018. The evaluation includes analyses of program-specific outcomes and the association between DRC participation and recidivism. (PDF: 661 kB)

Keeping Kids in School Evaluation

April 2018

A summary of findings from a three-year evaluation study of the Keeping Kids in School (KKIS) initiative, including a process, outcome, and cost study. (PDF: 599 kB)

Strengths in the Risk-Need-Responsivity Model

July 2014

A leading voice in the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) movement describes how strengths and motivation are key components of the RNR model. (PDF: 124 kB)

Dual Relationships

May 2014

Describes recent research on effective Probation Officer/Offender relationships, emphasizing the concept of procedural justice as a way to balance the helper and enforcer roles played by POs. (PDF: 106 kB)

Trauma and Resilience Toolkit

April 2014

The Trauma & Resilience Toolkit, a new handbook by the Adolescent Health Working Group, presents research findings on trauma and resilience within the context of brain science, and offers practical ways to apply the research in caring for youth exposed to trauma. (PDF: 194 kB)

Effective Reentry Case Management

March 2014

A literature review on evidence-based and emerging reentry practices outlines principles of effective reentry case management.  These will serve as the model for case management in the Probation-operated Adult Day Reporting Center. (PDF: 113 kB)

Effective Responses to Offender Behavior

February 2014

A new report outlines research and lessons learned in the use of sanctions and incentives to promote and reinforce compliance among probationers and parolees. (PDF: 112 kB)

Does EPICS Work?

January 2014

A new study shows the effectiveness of the EPICS model in changing criminal thinking, and criminal thinking’s connection with reoffending. (PDF: 110 kB)

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Meta-analysis

December 2013

A study of the effectiveness of Moral Reconation Therapy, a program in use in the Jail, at the Adult Day Reporting Center and at the Juvenile Evening Reporting Center. (PDF: 125 kB)

Positive Youth Justice

November 2013

An overview of Positive Youth Justice, a program framework being used in the Quest program in the Juvenile Hall. (PDF: 112 kB)