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SoCoAlert and warning exercise for the town of Windsor on Wednesday

SANTA ROSA, CA | February 22, 2024

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On Wednesday, February 28 Sonoma County will be conducting a test of the SoCoAlert emergency notification system starting at 11 a.m. in Windsor and selected Sonoma County evacuation zones adjacent to the town. The County Department of Emergency Management and partners have collaborated on planning the exercise and conducting outreach in the targeted areas. Testing the efficiency of messaging to Spanish-speaking residents was a priority for the exercise planners.

”The exercise in northern Sonoma County will be beneficial for the community to learn and experience the county’s alert and warning system,” said District 4 Supervisor James Gore. “Individuals and families should sign up today through and be ready for the exercise next Wednesday.”

From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., SoCoAlert messages will be sent to addresses within Windsor and in adjacent evacuation zones SON-2K3, SON-2L6, SON-2N1, SON-3B1, SON-3C1, SON-4A1, SON-4A2, and SON-4A3. Exercise activity is limited to participating agencies and communities. Residents in the area who are not registered with SoCoAlert may still receive an alert because the alert system uses phone numbers from utility records and other public sources.

If you live in Windsor or any of the selected Sonoma County evacuation zones adjacent to the town, and would like to participate in the exercise, please sign up with SoCoAlert at Registering for SoCoAlert is important for all community members. In a real emergency an alert would be sent to phones and emails registered with SoCoAlert.

SoCoAlerts are sent in English and Spanish. For more information about the exercise in Windsor and the post-exercise survey:

Windsor zone map

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