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Sonoma County Department of Agriculture, Weights & Measures releases 2022 crop and livestock report

SANTA ROSA, CA | November 07, 2023

The total value of agricultural crops grown in Sonoma County last year was nearly $800 million, according to the 2022 Sonoma County Crop Report, which the Department of Agriculture, Weights & Measures presented to the Board of Supervisors today. The annual accounting of local agricultural commodity production and gross values, based on a survey of more than 1,000 Sonoma County producers, showed the total value was $796,024,800, which represents a 1.9 percent decrease in the 2021 value of $811,446,600.

The report reflects gross production values and does not account for costs involved with production, processing, and bringing the commodity to market. The report also does not include net farm income, rather it is intended for community use in economic development, tourism activities, financing, and identifying historical trends in local agricultural production.  

“As in recent years, Sonoma County growers and ranchers are forced to adapt to rising fuel and labor costs, dwindling water supplies and higher feed costs due to drought,” said Supervisor Chris Coursey, chair of the Board of Supervisors. “The bright spot in this year’s crop report is our local nursery industry, which continues to thrive because of demand from both agricultural producers and home gardeners.”

Highlights from the 2022 Sonoma County Crop Report include:

  • The average winegrape value per ton increased to $2,869.62 from $2,625.85 in 2021. As a result, total winegrape value was $547.7 million, a 1.25 percent increase compared to 2021. Overall winegrape tonnage decreased 7.3 percent to 190,864 tons, due to limited water availability and spring frosts.
  • Apple prices per ton increased 49 percent over 2021, resulting in an 8.5 percent increase in the value of apples compared to the prior year. Overall apple tonnage decreased 8.2 percent due to freezing temperatures during bloom and continued drought stress.
  • Livestock and poultry product values decreased 29 percent compared to 2021. This is attributed to a 46 percent decrease in organic and conventional milk production despite a 17.6 percent increase and 64.8 percent increase in organic and conventional milk value per unit, respectively. 
  • The value of wool production decreased 78 percent from 2021 due to a lack of global demand for wool and an increase in sheep predation.
  • Nursery products value increased 14.3 percent from 2021 due to a 24.6 percent increase in bedding plant sales, a 16.6 percent increase in miscellaneous nursery plant sales, and a 13.5 percent increase in cut flower sales. Christmas trees saw a 30.1 percent decrease due to a low cycle in tree growth because of drought.
  • Cannabis cultivation saw an 81.5 percent reduction in acreage and 80.5 percent decrease in production, which are attributed to reduced demand and market forces.

The Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner is required by state law to annually compile and report crop and livestock statistics, as well as pest exclusion, management, and eradication activities to the Board of Supervisors and the Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Sonoma County has produced an annual crop and livestock report since 1928.

The 2022 Sonoma County Crop Report also includes a summary of accomplishments for the county’s Agriculture, Land Stewardship, and Weights & Measures divisions within the department. Data on non-agricultural crops, such as commercial fish landings and timber harvests are also included from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Board of Equalization. Information regarding cannabis and hemp production in Sonoma County is attached to the report as an addendum.

The 2022 Sonoma County Crop Report, addendum and related materials.

Sonoma County Crop Reports going back to 1928.

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