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Howard Sapper

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Howard Sapper

Howard is the CEO and Founder  of Pushpak Motors, a leader in the post automotive transportation revolution. He specializes in d creation of low-speed electric vehicles and eco friendly historic tours of Sonoma.

Howard Sapper as a 42-year executive veteran of the music and film industry. He was the CEO of Global Pacific Records, Harmony Festival, Inc., and Extraordinaire Media.  He also helds a senior management position at Domo Records Inc. He is honored to serve and be an officer on the Commission for the last 8 years

Mr. Sapper, the father of a daughter who suffered a stroke at birth, is a founder of the local non-profit Everybody Is A Star, whose focus is advancing special needs young adults through music video and the arts.  He has devoted over three decades towards research in brain therapy, medicine, alternative treatments, and the role of art, music and theatre as a therapeutic tool.

On behalf of Everybody Is A Star and other San Francisco Bay Area non-profits he has developed close working relationships with the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants, and the Oakland A’s. He produces and promotes community-based game-day as well as outside events.

Howard has called Sonoma his home for over 40 years.   He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Howard has a Bachelor of Science in Community Development from Penn State University, and has been a community activist for most of his adult life.  His history includes running May Apple Farm, a federally financed inner-city program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and working with and sponsoring, Hawaiian dance, music and cultural camps.  He has close ties with Sonoma County Home Health Care and Special Needs Services as an IHSS caregiver for both his mother and daughter.  

Howard was a founding board member of Earth Communications Office, a groundbreaking environmental organization.  For 4 ½ years Howard was Board President of Friendship Circle, a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organization that works with children and families of children with special needs.