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Human Resources Department

Commission on Human Rights

Irmina Benson

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Irmina Benson brings a diverse background encompassing legal administration, event management, nonprofit program coordination, DEI advocacy, and talent acquisition/Human Resources. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies and English Literature from Wesleyan University (Class of 2021), emphasizing her commitment to marginalized communities. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Science in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership at the University of Maryland (remote program), where she has gained a profound understanding of intercultural communication, DEI research, standards of practice, strategy planning, and implementation, among other key areas.

As a passionate advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Irmina's journey intertwines academic rigor with practical, hands-on experience.

What sets her DEI expertise apart is the blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world application/cultural competency. Her academic pursuits are bolstered by extensive involvement in social justice, non-profit work, campus programming, and youth education/support centered around identity and decolonization practices. Her multi-marginal identity enriches her perspective, allowing her to contribute authentically to conversations and initiatives surrounding intersectionality and critical race theory.

In terms of practical experience, Irmina has facilitated over 50 community events, covering vital topics like anti-racism, queer identity education, anti-prison advocacy, and DEI in various professional domains. These events have honed her skills in creating and conducting engaging presentations and workshops. She is a conversational Spanish speaker and learner; an innovative thinker with a strong interest in community-based research, development, and advocacy. Her public speaking and training facilitation abilities are underscored by her experience in designing and delivering impactful educational materials and events.

As a proud FGLI graduate and a vocal advocate for prison abolition and the rights of multi-marginalized groups, Irmina is committed to fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, equity is pursued relentlessly, and inclusion is the norm. She is eager to bring this commitment and her comprehensive skill set to an organization that shares these values. Her career aspiration is to drive meaningful change in the DEI landscape.