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Human Resources Department

Employee & Volunteer Engagement & Recognition (EVER)

Volunteer Program

Volunteer painters

The Sonoma County Volunteer program helps connect members of the public who are interested in volunteering to aid County departments in providing services to the community. Volunteers are recognized at an annual event for their contributions to the County's departments and programs.

Volunteering is one of the greatest forms of civic engagement, and in Sonoma County volunteers enhance and extend the County of Sonoma's ability to provide services to the community. Established in 1984, the County of Sonoma Volunteer Program places hundreds of people each year throughout County departments. Countless volunteers invest energy, skills and talent to make Sonoma County a better place to live.

Through training, relationship development, and connecting people with opportunities to serve the community, the Volunteer program thrives because of our community's great volunteer spirit.

COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities

  • Are you a  licensed medical professional interested in volunteering to help administer COVID-19 vaccines in Sonoma County?
  • Not a medical professional but still interested in volunteering or donating?

More information can be found on the Sonoma County's Emergency webpage:

View Current Volunteer Opportunities at the County of Sonoma.

For additional opportunities outside of County government, please contact the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County or VolunteerMatch.

Curious about some of our volunteer contributions?

Here is just a glimpse of their actions:

  • Put out fires
  • Cut trails
  • Clothed the babies of teen parents
  • Cared for homeless animals
  • Researched economic issues
  • Handled hazardous materials
  • Provided health education
  • Provided comfort to children who really needed comforting
  • Helped people find the services they need to survive
  • Checked on the houses of people away on vacation
  • Collected drainage data
  • Helped peoples’ backyard bloom
  • And much, much more!