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Telework Standards-Overtime Exempt

When a telework schedule is agreed upon, the terms and conditions and procedures set forth in the County Telework Policy apply, in addition to the following standards, which by signing below, employee agrees to abide by and comply with:

  1. This Telework Agreement is only valid for the time period specified in the Agreement. The Agreement is invalid upon expiration of the Agreement unless an extension is approved by the Department Head/Designee in writing. Employees are responsible for reporting to their worksite for their next regularly scheduled shift upon the expiration of their Telework Agreement.
  2. Employee acknowledges that the authorization of a Telework Agreement is subject to the sole discretion of management. Telework agreements will be approved on a case-by-case basis consistent with the eligibility criteria, the department’s operational needs, and management’s discretion, and may be revoked at management’s sole discretion.
  3. Employee is required to be virtually accessible to their manager, coworkers, and customers during the established work schedule. Employee must maintain the same standard of care, performance standards, job responsibilities, and accessibility and responsiveness consistent with the Department’s expectations of employees reporting to work at a Department worksite.
  4. Employee acknowledges and agrees that notwithstanding the existence of a Telework Agreement, the operational needs of the Department to provide onsite services may take precedence over telework days. The Department may direct the employee to report to a County worksite at any time due to operational needs (e.g. other employee unexpected absences, unusual customer demand for services, a Board declared emergency, etc.).
  5. Employee must notify their manager promptly when unable to perform work because of equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a need for repair or replacement of equipment or any other circumstances which compromises the employee’s ability to telework effectively, the Department Head/designee may require the employee to report to the department worksite.
  6. Employees who are approved to telework for 50% or more of their regular bi-weekly work schedule may be required to share work space and/or equipment, or work in a designated shared desk (known as “hoteling” or “hot desk” location) at the department heads discretion.
  7. Depending on the job classification and assignment, equipment needs for teleworkers may vary. Some equipment may be provided at the County's discretion. Unless otherwise agreed with their manager, employee acknowledges department is not required to provide equipment or supplies related to telework, or to reimburse employee for expenses incurred such as Internet usage, energy costs, equipment and supplies, etc., as employee is voluntarily undertaking this telework assignment.
  8. The teleworking employee is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Information Technology Use and Security Policy Manual and security of information at their telework location. Employee agrees they have read and will comply with this policy, including but not limited to: a. Section IV.C. User Access Monitoring b. Section IV.D. No Expectation of Privacy c. Section IV.F. Use of Sensitive Information d. Section IV.J. Personal Use/Union Use Telework Policy
  9. Employee agrees to comply with all other County and department policies regarding security and confidentiality of information at their teleworking location. This includes requirements for securely accessing and protecting information contained in State and Federal software systems and other proprietary systems used by the employee.
  10. Employee is expected to follow the applicable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/Salary Resolution regarding schedule changes, just as they would if they were reporting to work at their Department worksite.
  11. The County assumes no liability for injuries that occur outside of the performance of the employee’s duties and/or outside of the employee’s scheduled telework hours. The County assumes no liability for injuries or loss to third parties (e.g. family members, other non-County employees, etc.) that enter the designated workspace.
  12. Employee acknowledges receipt and review of the conditions of this Temporary Teleworker Agreement with their manager and agrees to comply with and be bound by the stated conditions, as well as the provisions of the County Telework Policy, which employee acknowledges that they have received and thoroughly reviewed, and agrees to comply with.