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County Efforts Make Progress on Homelessness through the ACCESS Initiative

Published: December 07, 2020

In a matter of 10 months, Sonoma County has successfully moved 30 percent of residents into housing from Los Guilicos Village through its ACCESS Initiative multidisciplinary team and its homeless services partner, St. Vincent de Paul. This surpasses the national average placement rate, which is near 8 percent. 

This local trend demonstrates both the effectiveness of efforts and the significant progress made in the number of individuals at Los Guilicos Village to move them into traditional housing and out of the sheltering system.

St. Vincent’s DePaul management of the site has been robust and the ACCESS team’s work to focus on the determinants of successful housing have allowed the County to achieve these incredible results. 

Los Guillicos Village was established in late January 2020 to shelter vulnerable individuals from the Joe Rodota Trail encampment in Santa Rosa.

The village has 60 emergency 64 square foot individual huts, with on-site restrooms, showers, dining area, personal storage, dog run, a Navigation Center, medical services, fire watch, and 24-hour security. Los Guilicos Village is managed by St. Vincent de Paul.