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Dental coverage is an important part of your benefits package and regular dental care is key to your overall health. The County is pleased to offer Delta Dental PPO as your dental plan option.

The Delta Dental PPO Network is available nationwide and allows you the freedom to visit any licensed dentist or specialist of your choice. Participating dentists have agreed to accept pre-negotiated fees for dental procedures, and are prohibited from billing a patient above the predetermined amount (balance billing). This arrangement results in protection and savings for patients.

Dentistry has changed in recent years and continues to change on a regular basis. Much of this change is due to new materials, new technology, and new scientific discoveries, as well as changes in the way dentists run their practices. It’s the dentist’s responsibility to inform the patient of the reasonable and appropriate services that are available, regardless of the patient’s dental coverage. It’s the patient’s responsibility to ask the right questions about these options and treatment.

Always request a pre-treatment estimate from your dentist. Provide this predetermination of benefits to Delta Dental before having major dental work done. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Do not agree to any treatment unless you fully understand what condition is being treated, why it is being treated, and the costs of that treatment. 

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