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Department of Health Services

Sonoma County Homeless Coalition

Continuum of Care Competition

The Sonoma County Homeless Coalition reviews eligible renewal projects on an annual basis prior to the opening of the annual CoC Competition Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Preliminary analysis is conducted during this process by the CoC Competition Evaluation Committee comprised of impartial Homeless Coalition Board members and community partners.  The CoC Competition Evaluation Committee then provides recommendations on rating and ranking to the Sonoma County Homeless Coalition Board for renewing projects, typically in May- June of each year. After the NOFO is released, the CoC Competition Evaluation Committee rates and ranks all renewal and new projects for the competition (including new projects from reallocated funding and/or new projects for bonus project funding). The Homeless Coalition Board makes final decisions on rating and ranking of all projects in Tier 1 and Tier 2 funding during the NOFO period. Homeless Coalition Board meetings are open to the public, and community feedback is welcomed.

FY 2024 CoC Renewal Evaluations: Rating & Ranking Process for the 2024 Continuum of Care Competition

Publish Date: April 2, 2024

Renewal Application materials are due by 5:00 pm on May 01, 2024

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that local CoC’s prioritize all renewal and new projects submitted in our consolidated application. As in previous years, CoC staff will work on the evaluation of existing projects, also called “renewal” projects, prior to the release of HUD’s Continuum of Care Program Notice of Funding Availability.

Project priorities will be generated by a scoring system, site visits and interviews by the CoC Competition Evaluation Workgroup, made up of impartial members of the Sonoma County Homeless Coalition Board, community partners, and those with lived experience of homelessness. The evaluation workgroup will be open to the public, all documents will be published and noticed publicly. Workgroup meetings will be posted on our website, which you can access linke here.

HUD has yet to release information on the opening of its application period but has indicated it would likely open the competition on earlier than last year, likely in May or June.  We will continue the process for rating and ranking slightly adjusted in 2024 to evaluate both renewal and new projects with feedback provided from last year’s evaluations and the Lived Experience Advisory Planning (LEAP) Board.  Staff and CoC Competition Evaluation Workgroup members will begin monitoring renewal projects in May of 2024 but will not finalize the ranking of renewal projects until the Continuum of Care Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) period opens. 

Final funding decisions, including decisions about Tier 1 & 2 funding, will be made by the Homeless Coalition Board.

Please read the instructions carefully outlined within the Sonoma County 2024 Continuum of Care Renewal Project Instructions (linked below).      

In the 2024 Continuum of Care Competition, 11 projects with contract end dates in 2025 will be up for renewal. A list of renewal projects is linked below. Out of the 11 projects, 9 will be evaluated for the competition as the Homeless Management Information System contracts and the Coordinated Entry contracts are mandated projects. Project scoring will take place in three phases:

Phase One: Collection and Preliminary Review of Renewal Evaluations May 2nd – Week of June 3rd  

Phase Two: Interviews and Site Visits to all Projects May 20th  – June 3rd   

Phase Three: Final Scoring of New Projects and Renewing Projects (TBD depending on NOFO release date) 

For more information on the 2024 Continuum of Care rating and ranking process of renewal projects please review the following document:  (DOC 96 kB)

2024 CoC Program Renewal Project Approved Scoring Tool (PDF: 370 kB)

Renewal Application materials are due by 5:00 pm on May 01, 2024. For a detailed list of scheduled events. (DOC: 26kB)

Questions? You may contact Karissa White, the Continuum of Care Coordinator, for clarification of any item at , and by phone at (707) 565-4080.  

Renewal Project Detailed Materials and Questionnaires

  1. Checklist of Required Documents (DOC: 20 kB)
  2. CoC Renewal Project Threshold Criteria 2024 (DOC 24 kB)
  3. 2024 Renewal Evaluation Application Questionnaire (DOC 32 kB)
  4. 2024 Renewal Reallocation Questionnaire (DOC: 21 kB)
  5. Agency-level Documents- See CoC Competition Renewal Instructions for full list

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