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History of California Agricultural Commissioner’s System

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An Act to protect and promote the horticultural interests of the state was passed by the legislature on March 14, 1881 and provided for a Board of three Horticultural Commissioners to be appointed by each county Board of Supervisors.

On November 12, 1881 the Board of State Horticultural Commissioners called a State convention of fruit growers, packers, nurserymen and all other interested in California Horticulture. One of the resolutions made at the “First Annual Horticulture Conference” was for all counties to appoint Commissioners.

First Horticultural Commission
First Horticultural Commission

On March 6, 1909 the Legislature approved a law replacing the County Boards of Horticultural Commissioners with a single Horticultural Commissioner.

In 1929, the title of Horticultural Commissioner was changed by a State act to Agricultural Commissioner. 

The CACASA established a Code of Ethics or Standards of Correct Practices for County Agricultural Commissioners the date was early in the existence of the organization.