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Board of Supervisors Department

Appendix A

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Order of Agenda

Generally, business at Regular meetings shall be transacted in the following order. As determined necessary by the Chair, business on a particular day may be reordered. The Board may permanently modify or amend the Agenda Order by majority vote.

  1. 8:30 a.m. Call to Order
  2. Public Comment on Closed Session Items
  3. Closed Session Calendar
  4. Reconvene from Closed Session
  5. Pledge of Allegiance
  6. Approval of the Agenda – (Items may be added or withdrawn from the agenda consistent with State law)
  7. Consent Calendar
  8. Regular Calendar
  9. – Gold Presentations (All other Gold Resolutions presented at other locations will be approved as part of the Consent Calendar)
  10. – Public Comment on Matters Not Listed on the Agenda, But Within the Subject Matter Jurisdiction of The Board
  11. Regular Afternoon Calendar
  12. Board Member Reports on Assigned Boards, Councils, Commissions or Other Attended Meetings
  13. Report on Closed Session
  14. Adjournments – Meeting Adjourned in the Memory of (Moment of Silence and Reading of Names, City)

Note: The next regular meeting will be held on March 8, 2019.