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Board of Supervisors Department

II. General

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Rule 1. Applicability of Rules

These Rules are adopted pursuant to Government Code §25003. The Rules shall apply to the Board of Supervisors of the County of Sonoma whether sitting as the Board of Supervisors of the County or as the governing board of any other district, commission, authority or board.

These Rules are intended to expedite the transaction of business of the Board in an orderly fashion, and are deemed to be procedural only. The failure to strictly observe application of the Rules shall not affect the jurisdiction of the Board or invalidate any action taken at a meeting that is otherwise held in conformity with the law. Except as otherwise provide by law, these Rules, or any one of them, may be suspended by a majority of the Board.

These Rules supersede and replace all rules of procedure previously adopted by the Board.

Rule 2. Definitions

In interpreting these Rules:

  • “Board” refers to the Board of Supervisors of Sonoma County, whether sitting as the Board of Supervisors of the County or as the governing body of any other district, authority, or board.
  • “Board member” refers to a member of the Board.
  • “Chair” and “Vice Chair” refers to the Board members elected to those respective offices .
  • “Clerk” refers to the Clerk of the Board of Sonoma County.
  • “County Administrator” refers to the County Administrative Officer of Sonoma County.
  • “Discrimination Free Environment” refers to the Board’s policy and commitment to maintaining a professional work environment, including at meetings of the Board of Supervisors, that is free from discrimination and harassment, including but not limited to discrimination and harassment based on a protected category. This commitment is set forth more fully in the County of Sonoma’s nondiscrimination policy. The nondiscrimination policy is designed to encourage professional and respectful behavior and to prevent discriminatory and harassing conduct in the workplace.