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Board of Supervisors Department

VIII. Duties of County Staff During Board Meetings

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Rule 36. County Administrator

The County Administrator shall be present during Board meetings and shall provide such information as necessary to assist the Board members in their deliberation and decision making. The County Administrator may delegate this responsibility to the Assistant County Administrator or to a Deputy County Administrator.

Rule 37. County Counsel

County Counsel shall be present during Board meetings, and shall serve as advisor to the Board on appropriate rules to comply with legal requirements. All questions of law shall be referred to County Counsel for his or her opinion. County Counsel may delegate this responsibility to the Assistant County Counsel or a Deputy County Counsel.

Rule 38. Clerk of the Board

The Clerk or Deputy Clerk shall be present during all meetings for the purpose of taking and maintaining the minutes of the meeting; presenting and receiving correspondence, records, documents, claims, reports, or petitions; preserving all records; marking or attesting all resolutions and ordinances; imparting information on Board documents of public record; and otherwise fulfilling all duties imposed by law or required by the Board.

The Clerk shall record all regular meetings of the Board by audio or visual means or both. Regular meetings may also be broadcast or webcast.

Rule 39. Sheriff

The Sheriff, or a representative of the Sheriff’s Office, shall, at the discretion of the Chair or a majority of Board members, be in attendance at meetings of the Board, for the purpose of maintaining order and upholding the law.

Rule 40. Department and Agency Directors

Department and Agency Directors, or a designee, having any matter on the agenda for consideration by the Board, whether consent or regular, shall be available for the purpose of providing information to the Board and shall also attend any Board meeting when requested to do so by a Board member or the County Administrator.