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The County of Sonoma Human Resources Workforce Development Unit is committed to offering employees a wide and rich selection of training and professional development opportunities. Our goal is to establish innovative and enhanced education programs that emphasize staff wellbeing, cultural belonging, and advancement.

County of Sonoma Strategic Plan: Organizational Excellence

In January 2021, the County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors approved a 5-year strategic plan, which includes support for employee professional growth and retention by investing in high quality training, development, and leadership programs. (Organizational Excellence Pillar, Goal 3, Objective 3)

The Workforce Development Unit of the Human Resources Department is responsible for implementing this major strategy of organizational excellence by helping to ensure that the County of Sonoma is an employer of choice with a diverse workforce that reflects our community; sustains a positive work culture that builds engaged and dedicated employees; equips employees to be successful in the performance of their duties and consideration for promotions; and provides exceptional services to its various customers.

Unit Objectives

Build County-wide consistency of training goals and curricula standards to avoid duplication of efforts and inefficient use of resources, while support individualized topics and formats in particular departments and units.

Work with departments and units to increase collaboration in curriculum planning, design, scheduling, evaluation, and contracting of consultants through:

  • Joint training sponsorships where appropriate;
  • Centralized database/repository of ongoing and future training events and vetted trainers; and
  • Promoting a more productive collegiality and unified administration of all the County’s training opportunities for employees.

Improve external and internal customer service through a more knowledgeable, skilled, equipped, and motivated workforce. This will be accomplished through:

  • Invigorating the need for personal improvement among employees, including making available independent learning and self-mastery curricula;
  • Improving group communication and interaction within and between all levels for more productive teamwork, understanding lived experiences particularly focused on Racial Equity and Cultural Belonging; and
  • Strengthening employee morale, adaptability, aspirations, resilience, and retention.

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