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4-1 Performance Evaluations

Equal Employment Opportunity Americans with Disability Act 500

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Approved: County Administrator
Authority: Human Resources / County Administrator
Revised Date: October 1, 2007 

  1. Purpose
  2. Policy
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Procedure

I. Purpose

Performance evaluations are essential in developing and maintaining a shared understanding of expectations for each job so that the organization’s mission and goals can be achieved. This policy is to ensure that all employees receive effective performance evaluations. More information, including detailed policies and procedures, is located in Human Resources.

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II. Policy

  1. A performance evaluation is a constructive process to provide regular feedback to each employee on work related performance and conduct. All performance evaluations shall be sufficiently specific to inform and guide the employee in meeting expectations in the performance of his/her duties. 
  2. Employees are to be evaluated by their direct supervisor with appropriate review by higher management or the department head. Department heads appointed by the County Administrator, the Board of Supervisors, or the Civil Service Commission are evaluated by their respective appointing authority. Department heads holding publicly elected positions, are not subject to formal internal evaluations of their performance. 
  3. Each employee shall receive a performance evaluation, at a minimum, when:
    1. The mid-point of an employee’s probationary period reached; and
    2. The end of an employee’s probationary period is approaching; and/or
    3. The employee is in consideration for a salary merit increase.
  4. In addition, under the County standard each employee is to be evaluated annually. If, upon evaluation, an employee’s performance is rated satisfactory or better and the employee has reached the top salary step of the salary range for the employee’s job classification, the next performance evaluation period for that employee may be extended to two years.

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III. Responsibilities

Department heads are responsible for seeing that employee evaluations are completed for all employees under their direction. The Director of Human Resources is responsible for creating and educating County department heads, managers, supervisors and employees about the County’s policy objectives for employee performance evaluations and appropriate standards to employ in meeting those policy objectives. The Director of Human Resources is also responsible for reporting annually to the Board of Supervisors, through the County Administrator, on the status of employee performance evaluations County-wide and making any recommendations for enhancing the County’s ability to meet the objectives of this policy.

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IV. Procedure

Departments should contact their assigned analyst in the Human Resources Department for specific procedural information.

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