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1-2 Policy for Providing County Support of Grant Applications from Outside Agencies

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Approved: County Administrator
Authority: County Administrator
Revised Date: 07/27/2004

  1. Purpose
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Policy

I. Purpose

To establish guidelines on how to respond to requests for letters and/or agreements of support from outside agencies.

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II. Responsibilities

It is recognized that on frequent occasion, outside agencies or individuals seek support of grant applications or new programs from Sonoma County officials. The requests can involve conceptual letters of support, agreements to work collaboratively with an agency, and formal contractual agreements. It is the responsibility of the department head to ensure a coordinated and responsible response to these requests, including, but not limited to, input from applicable advisory bodies. Following, are guidelines intended to assist the department head in developing response protocols.

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III. Policy

  1. Letter of Support
    1. Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement
      1. Department head has the authorization to prepare and sign a letter of support or Memorandum of
        Understanding/Agreement on behalf of his or her department under the following conditions:
        • The proposed activity is consistent with services, activities, and/or policies previously supported or endorsed by the Board.
        • The letter or agreement makes no commitment of time, resources, or level of services beyond what the Board of Supervisors has already approved.
        • Staff is familiar with the applicants and their capabilities in similar activities. Applicant has no outstanding/unresolved financial or program audit issues with county.
        • The proposal has been reviewed and, in the department head's opinion, is sound and responsible. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide sufficient information to the department head to make such a determination.
        • The department may support more than one agency in cases where applicants are in competition with each other.
        • The department head has determined that there would be no resulting negative impacts or liabilities on his/her department. If the grant proposal would impact another county department, no letter may be signed unless the affected department concurs.
        • The County Administrator's Office is consulted prior to letter being signed.
        • Minimum two-week turn-around time required.
    2. Formal Agreements/Contracts
      1. Department head must obtain Board approval in any of the following circumstances:
        • The applicant is requesting additional county funding or in-kind services which are to be
          used to support grant activities.
        • The applicant is seeking a commitment of county services different from what is being
          currently provided, i.e. new location, membership on new governing board, new referral
        • The County is becoming fiscally obligated in any way as a result of the agreement.
        • There are programmatic impacts on another department to which the other department does
          not concur.
        • The agreement requires Board signature.
        • Minimum one-month turn-around time required.

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