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5-1 Vehicle Use - Other Rules

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Approved: Board of Supervisors August 23, 2003
Authority: County Administrator
Resolution: 03-1000
Revised Date: July 27, 2004

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Section II, 8: Policy, Other Rules

  1. Vehicle Markings:  All County vehicles, except for those used in special law enforcement or undercover operations, shall have exempt license plates and shall be marked with the vehicle number and County marking visible to the public. No other markings, decals or bumper stickers shall be displayed on County owned vehicles and equipment. 
  2. Departmental Rules:  Departments may adopt internal procedures for allocation and operation of vehicles assigned to the department. Such procedures must be consistent with foregoing rules and regulations established by the Board of Supervisors 
  3. Loss of Drivers License:  If an employee loses their driving privilege for any reason, they could be subject to personnel action as outlined in the County’s, “Guidelines to Assist Supervisors in the Management of Employees losing their Drivers License.” (Sonoma County Personnel Dept. memo 99-003, January 1999) (PDF: 190 kB)